Bar carts have always been a chic and stylish way to store booze. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s everyone had cocktail parties in their home, unlike the recent past where it became more popular to meet at a restaurant or bar. In recent months however, I have noticed an increasing trend and rising popularity in the request for bar carts. With the economy kicking the bucket and more people spending time at home, parties with friends and neighbors is once again in vogue. Here are some tips from Tara Guerard, one of the South’s leading event designers, on stocking the perfect five-o’clock bar.

1) Always have liquor on hand and stock the classics;Vodka, gin, scotch and bourbon, rum is optional.
2) Have a basic red and white wine.
3) Having tequila and a bottle of Champagne as well as a cabinet of tonic, club soda, Coke and ginger ale prepares you for any occasion and provides your guests a drink of their preference, making you a successful host.
4) Keep the season in consideration. Refreshing drinks like gin and tonic for summer, and dark liquors are popular in winter months.
5) Most importantly always have something available thats fresh and enjoyable for non-drinkers.
Additional tips for a successful party.
1) Always use glass instead of plastic for drinks.
2) Have some appetizers.
3) Be clear to your guests what you are serving and have stocked
4) Make no apologies for what you don’t have. When people are in your home they expect a common drink that is always served.
Pics courtesy of domino magazine RIP, restoration hardware, and southern accents