I think Karen Carrol said it best when she said, ” I can not think of any element that pulls the total look of an interior together, more than art”; and I have to agree with her. My love affair with art started when I was young, but I grew to have a deeper appreciation for it when I started doing interior design.

Jamie Drake
All elements in an interior are essential. Each and every item plays a cohesive role in pulling it all together. (if only there was an ingredient like this for our daily lives!) Nevertheless, art brings the character, the flavor and the wow factor to a room. It is the one thing that draws you in, and forces you to pause.

Thankfully, museum-quality masterpieces are not required to add character to your blank, naked walls. Art can come from anywhere like a flea market, Goodwill, a local gallery or the starving artist next door. I have never been an art snob. I cannot tell you about a particular paint style, or genre, I can not even tell you why one piece is $100 versus $5000. What I do know is this, I know what I love, and I know how it makes me feel. This is genuine appreciationadmiration and understanding for artistic vision, in my opinion.
Troy Beasley
Just like interior design, art comes in many forms. Furniture, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, pottery, and many other items can be considered art. Creativity is something to be celebrated, and enjoyed. Art is just that, a celebration of creativity! Art possesses you, captivates you, and cultivates your emotion and curiosity. Whether you are a connoisseur or an amateur, it is all about how it makes you feel. Like this brooch below, well this thing just makes me dizzy!
Gabrielle Kiss
Luna Moth Brooch
with diamonds
My medium of choice is typically paint on canvas. Just like the artists themselves, art comes in all shapes and sizes. Here, are a few of my favorites that I have met along the way:
Saints Superbowl
Painted Trail

Clint Metcalf
Organica red

Growing up I had a wonderful mama who encouraged and fertilized my creativity. She challenged me to be better, because she would frame EVERYTHING I so lovingly put my heart into. In fact, she has a framed picture in her bedroom that I drew, and colored when I was five. She also has a large poster board of my venture into geometric forms; of which she also had professionally framed. Giddy with excitement that I had THE MOST adoring fan, I strived to get my hands on every thing I could to turn it into my vision (and of course get it framed and on the wall. Gotta keep those fans happy!)  Amazingly, her home to this day still houses every artistic carcass I made.  Its like walking through a cemetery of good and bad choices. But she is still my BIGGEST fan!
Two of my first introductions into the art world were Southwest artists, Bill Rabbit, and Bev Doolittle. My parents have several Rabbits in their home, and these purchases made it obvious to me that the value of art is not in the price itself, but the emotion it evoked and the experience it brought into the home.  By no means are my parents wealthy. But, to spend three thousand dollars on a painting (20 years ago, I might add) meant nothing in comparison to the meaning of the art itself. The emotion, the feeling it evokes.
Bill Rabbit
Just forme
My parents do not own any Doolittle’s. We simply admired her from afar. But her works are that of a true genius. Her pieces are thought provoking, and they draw you in. Every piece has two meanings in one. If you look closely you will always find a surprise. (see below, are those rocks? Or are they buffalo?)

Calling the Buffalo
 When you have a home that reflects who you are, and it envelops you in the things you love, it will take you to a higher place, it will make you better every day, in every way. A recent article in LonNy featuring Laura Day on her own home, she comments, “Artwork should GRAB you, It should reel you in…” And one of my favorite quotes by Leyden Lewis, “I’m hysterical about art!! I would officially be considered addicted to art, IT IS MY PASSION..!”

Terry Slaughter, from Gallery Terrence Denley, believes that creativity and beautiful design can only improve the human condition. I cannot agree more with this statement. The next time you find yourself in the mix of redesigning, or designing a space, don’t forget the art!

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