A retreat for your guests creates a welcoming atmosphere for overnight and weekend stays. Ask yourself, what made your last getaway memorable? A bed and breakfast, with quaint charm and quaint amenities, or a fabulous high end hotel with luxurious linens? Not everyone has space for guests, but even though your space may do double duty with an office or other room you can make your guest space into an inviting and cozy space that they won’t soon forget.

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Welcoming your guests with a well decorated and appointed room is the ultimate in hospitality. Offer your guests paramount comforts like luxurious soaps, towels and opulent linens that they wouldn’t normally allow themselves. Ofer bathrobes, toothbrushes, and other toiletries that add that special touch.


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Often when a guest stays in your home they don’t always feel comfortable, right away. They don’t want to put you out, and it isn’t their own home. Define your guests needs before they arrive. Choose small amenities specific to them to make them feel at home. Before you get started decorating your guest room think about what you would want, and plan accordingly.

Choose a bed that fits the space and the needs of the guests you will most often see. (like parents) Generally a queen sized bed is safe to go with but if you have the room, go with a king. If your guests frequently travel with children provide a crib, twin beds, or a roll away. This will supplement their needs in a snap and make them feel extra special.


Offer pillows in both synthetic and down fills. (some people are allergic to down so be prepared) Dress the bed in great linens, and offer your guests a myriad of reading material, for bedtime enjoyment.

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Make sure your guests have some space in a closet or dresser to store clothes and misc product. Another special treat, add wood hangers and offer a bag for dry cleaning or dirty clothes. Offer a basket of toiletries with shampoos, lotions, cotton balls, q-tips and hand wipes. Offer a luggage rack as a thoughtful gesture to ease your guests unpacking chores, and it can double as a wonderful tea tray.

Offer cozy quilts that can be used in the evening and double as a daytime throw while reading that book that you have offered.

And always give guests privacy. We all “live” a different way and have different idiosyncrasies. Provide your guests with black out blinds, or draperies and if possible provide a guest room separate from the main living area.

Finally, add a comfy chair or bench in the room to give guests added comfort for reading, relaxing or to simply sit and throw on some shoes.

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