My vacation bliss has quickly turned into the vacation blues. Today was the day to roll out of bed and come back to reality. BOO!! I had to wake up and face the day knowing full well that by this afternoon I would have to become a full functioning, responsible, and sober adult. Humph!

The lake at 6:30 this morning
The good news is we had time to make one last run into the thrift store and I found two more treasures, this stool:
And this beautiful chair:
Both in excellent condition, I was surprised to find that the stool not only had the original vinyl on it, but also has the original price tag from Sears Robuck & Company on the bottom! That is ALMOST enough to lift my spirits to make the trek home. BOO!
One last look at the dock before I go. BOO! Over the past week this dock held the boat that carried me out to the oblivion of no responsibilities, liabilities or culpabilities. An ice chest over flowing with booze, sandwiches and various other snacks, and a bag full of potato chips, licorice, and cookies. Laying out in the sun (with 50SPF) like lazy bums, drinking and eating sandwiches. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..
We loaded up the car to head to the airport (BOO!). Heres Dad with the most worthless…I mean most precious poochie on the planet, Mrs Willow.
We headed to Branson Airport, just built and opened in May of 2009. Yay! It is privately owned and funded and has to be the cutest darn airport I have ever flown out of. If you have kids, or just want a good old fashioned family vacation, go to Branson. It has water parks, lakes, shows, and entertainment galore for young and old. And the best part? Branson is known for being easy on the pocket book, so they strive to have the cheapest airfare around!
This is the ticket counter. They have six kiosks to check in, and thats it. Whew! It’s so busy hope I can get my ticket in time.
Heres the daunting security line, sure hope I have time to make my flight, with this crowd.
Heres grandma and grandpa. They came along for the ride. These two cuties have been married for 64 years! My grandpa is the sweetest man I know, and my grandma is the light in his life. He does everything for grandma. And chivalry is not dead. Grandpa carried my bag up to the ticket counter because a lady shouldn’t have to…awwwww. I told grandma and grandpa to pose for the camera so I could blog about them. Of course they had no idea what slog was. Must be something us kids do on the lake.
After I hugged everyone good bye I headed through the dreaded security line, and made it to the gargantuan terminal:
Yup thats all of it. The terminal at Branson Airport
They called out the flight, number 44 for Nashville now boarding, and I dragged my feet to the door. I handed the gal my ticket and walked outside to the plane to prepare my journey back to physical existence. BOO!
I had SO much fun on the lake boating, hangin with the parentals and their friends, and shopping at the thrift store. I can’t wait to go back! Maybe in a few weeks? Im bruised, sunburned and sore, I MUST have had a good time!!