Im sure my devout followers have noticed a slight absence in my blogging habits these days. My summer has been very atypical, and as a result I have become a slacker. Not by choice I may add. I have been going into the office everyday and forced to accept that business and money take precedence to blogging. Actually money takes precedence to everything these days! And this may seem insincere, but I have had a very SLOW winter. So it is nice to be BUSY! Aside from slacking off and ignoring all my friends in bloggy land, I am also lacking in shut eye. Like a zombie I parade into work and thank the lord for this atypical summer. So in honor of my sleepy state of mind, wistfully dreaming away the day wishing I was in a big fluffy bed, here are some of my dreamy choices of the ideal daytime napping beds!

( all links that gave credit to these photos were broken. If you know photo credits please email me )


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