As humans we often do so many things to try and collectively control our lives. We do all things possible to add harmony, peace and vitality in an otherwise drained, unfocused and scattered surrounding. We buy booster drinks, take vitamins, and consume every by product we can get our hands on to add one more awake hour to our day…but is that really adding harmony and balance to your life? It’s been proven time and time again that multi tasking does not work. To do two things is to do nothing. And yet we have convinced ourselves that we are not from the category that can’t do two things, we can do three like a ninja!

Well I’m here to tell you that’s not true. In fact, most of us are so whipped up in a froth nothing is getting our full attention. And loosing your keys, misplacing your phone or forgetting your child at daycare is not premature alzheimer’s disease,  it’s multi tasking failure 101. I was recently called out to a home in a lovely new neighborhood here in Franklin, TN. Mom who’s 38 works full time, manages a household and raising two teenagers essentially on her own. Dad, 40, travels extensively for work managing a high powered career and trying to be present for two teenagers and a wife who desperately needs him. When I visited their home I was in disbelief. They moved in six months ago and were still living out of boxes. Half of the kitchen was still in the garage. Clothes were flung everywhere and the laundry room looked like a war zone. This chaos went on throughout the entire house. Old soda cans, dirty dishes and paper everywhere. Mail was in the bathroom, living room and the pantry! No one knew where anything was and shouting between all parties from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa solidified the need for help.

If you lead a life that demands organization and focus it must start at home! If you live in the above house you will not leave feeling refreshed nor will you look forward to coming home after a hard day. Now imagine an organized home that is clean, no clutter and filled with organization. Like any office your home should have systems and organization where mail has it’s place, laundry is complete and a menu is on the side of the fridge for dinners. The family room is inviting, the kitchen smells of a warm meal cooking in the crock pot and your sofa beckons with soft pillows to catch up on some taped shows. There are flowers on your nightstand, perhaps in your bathroom and each room is organized and has a purpose. This is a home that collects your thoughts. This is a house that nourishes and nurtures your every day chaotic life and sends you out prepared. And when you have had a bad day it welcomes you home with open arms.


Fast tips to Aligning the mind, body and spirit of your home

* Remove all the clutter. If you have a lot of clutter don’t do it all at once. Create a list and do it in chunks to avoid overwhelm

* Create systems- monthly menus help you build more efficient grocery lists and takes out the guess work for dinners. Create steps for mail and do it in a timely manner

* Create flash cards for cleaning and do one flash card a day. Anything that you hate doing needs a system so make it work for you, and reward yourself when it’s done.

* Create daily routines that are simple and easy but work for your schedule. Do one load of laundry a day, run the dishwasher as you leave for work. Make the bed, go through mail while you drink coffee…what ever it is, make it a ritual so it becomes a habit and gets done.

* Add candles and flowers to your home. They are mood enhancers and uplift your spirit. They are also great energy enhancers. They clear stagnant energy and allow new vibrant energy to enter your home when you light them with intention.

* Add dimmers to all of your lights in your home. This helps your mood and is great for entertaining. Also helps fire up the energy in your home if you are more likely to light them if the lighting level is right

* Love on your house. When you exude admiration and respect for your home you are more likely to care for it properly. And when it is organized and works with you, you are more likely to feel gratitude and peace

in your inner and outer world. What a great way to exist!

What are some of your favorite tips to loving on your home?

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