How to Add Character to Your Home for the Holidays

In my experience, when a consumer decides to take the plunge, and buy furniture, they do it in haste. With the pressure of hosting for the upcoming Holiday season, rarely do I see people do research on finding quality furniture prices. So on a whim, they decide it’s time to redo the family room and like a ticking time bomb they hit every furniture store in town excited and completely overwhelmed. 

If you’re considering new furniture for this upcoming season, make intentional purchases and with quality in mind. 

Make it a point to take your time when exploring the vast options. The array of retailers, catalogs, discount stores, online shopping, and boutiques can be extremely overwhelming. All have something fabulous to offer, however, without a plan, you might as well walk up to the salesman, hand him your money, and walk out. With all of this making you dizzy, it is hard to focus on smart buying decisions.  
Find your ultimate guide to intentional shopping that still allows you to add character to your home this holiday season here.


The Holiday season can be a stressful time for some with all of the preparation involved.  Want to know more about how to keep an intentional mindset during the holiday season?  I’ve got you covered!

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When it comes to gift giving, it is safe to say we have ruined it as a culture.  Today’s society has become more accustomed to gift giving being more of an accepted behavior than a mindful act of kindness.  Our true nature is to be kind, seek joy and give back to one another in a meaningful ways.  This excludes buying for the sake of buying! Sign up to learn all the who, what, why’s of getting to the true core of gift giving.

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