The "it" accessory everyone needs for their kitchenThis past weekend David and I went to the mall to meet with the geniuses at Apple. He was having problems with a thingy that connected his camera to his computer and about five minutes into the conversation my eyes glazed over and I decided to go next door to Williams Sonoma.


Unlike most women I am not a person who likes a lot of gadgets. In fact, I hate having a ton of appliances that do only only thing, like a waffle maker. A toaster is even pushing it sometimes. I like tools and appliances that can do many things and take up little space. I don’t have a large kitchen nor do I have a large pantry so what comes into this space better be worth its weight in gold or be stupid, funny, or cute!

Well a few weeks ago during black Friday I won a gift certificate to West Elm. I needed nothing and wasn’t that excited but it would expire the next day so I decided to buy a marble slab. That is until it sold out in front of my very eyes. Well at this point I was devastated. I had fully convinced myself I needed this marble and now had my heart set on it only to be destroyed by, “so sorry this item is SOLD OUT”.

marble pastry slab

Pastry slab

So I bought some disappointing sheets instead and called it day. A sad, I-totally-missed-out, day. Whomp whomp.

As I perused Williams Sonoma looking at a bunch of crap I’d never buy or use I suddenly saw “it”. A large marble slab, larger than the one that destroyed my heart the weekend before and it was ON SALE! Can I just tell you that I was damn excited?! I’ve included a few others below:
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Now initially I wanted this ginormous, can’t hardly lift marble as a photo prop. Yes you read that right. I wanted to use as a back drop for the items in my boutique and on instagram. But guess what? Not only does it give me beautiful photos, but I love having it in my kitchen!

It’s perfect for baking cookies, rolling out pizza dough and I love serving hors d’Oeuvres on it! To me it’s like a triple threat offering up tons of different functions plus it’s pretty. So if you don’t have one in your kitchen I suggest you get one! Trust me you’ll love it!

A lot of them are on sale right now so I listed them below. Just peruse through the collection I curated and see which one you like. Honestly it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought! Who knew I even needed one?!

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