There is nothing I love more than a little ingenuity, creativity and for good measure, a hot glue glue gun at Christmas! For years musician Jack Johnson struggled with the idea of buying a tree from Oregon when he was a kid. Growing up in Hawaii, all Christmas trees were cut down from Oregon farms and shipped to Hawaii. Jack struggled with this and did not understand how this could be sustainable.

Years later as he was standing in the midst of a Christmas tree lot and the feeling still sat with him, there had to be a better way. He rounded up the family and headed to the beach where a storm had just washed up tons of debris. Someones old, battered blue porch became the base, cigarette lighters, pieces of plastic…nothing was off limits. They built hand made ornaments and turned it into a family affair. Several hours later their sustainable family tradition began!

How cool is that? At the top, just before the handmade angel is four cigarette lighters to top off their creation. Sustainable, super fun and an amazing Christmas tradition to boot! Love that! To see this full article pop on over to Coastal Living.

original Article written by By Jennifer Brunnemer Slaton for Coastal Living Magazine

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