If you read my post from last week, When good design goes bad, you’ll notice that I have a pet peeve for scale. It is a designers strongest arsenal but it is often the one thing that falls flat in most designs. Get it right and the room sings, get it wrong and it turns into American Idol…the bad version.

Today as I perused a few websites I came across a great example of a room that sings and one that…..well didn’t make the cut of yours truly. Here is my quick moment in scale:

1) Poor scale

One kind design

Observe the over scaled chair, mirror and chest. All perfectly good in such a large scaled room…..until you place it with buffet lamps. Yes they are tall and the color shades thankfully pull a bit of weight but not enough to make the scale RIGHT.

2) Excellent scale

Suzanne McGrath

Tall ceilings combined with a large chest and mirror seem second fiddle to the well proportioned lamps. Bold in color, tall and speak volumes (pun intended) compared to the previous example. A much better choice when getting RIGHT! Wouldn’t you agree? Can you see the difference??

What are some of your biggest challenges when handling scale?

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