Ah yes, that old chestnut and a rather hard nut to crack, because you are not going to please everyone all the time.  But  if you are inviting me to a dinner party, please send me a nice pretty invitation that I can put on my mantle and enjoy while I am dusting the living room. Rest assured, I am going to love your invitation, and when I remove it from my mantle it will go in the recycling bin to please my inner eco-warrior.

2) To email or not

Are there happy alternatives to invitations that are not tree murderers, but not non-personal shortcuts like email invites? Yes, Postcard invites!

Etsy is full of budding stationary shops that embody the eco-chic image and philosophy.  Like all stationary, your taste and style will navigate you towards a particular company.

3) When to use a paper invite

When drafting up an invitation, keep the following in mind:

1.  Who is hosting the party;

2.  Why is the party happening;

3.  When is the party:

4.  Where is the party;

5. What is required from your guest at the party (dress code, instructions for a surprise party, not to bring gifts for an anniversary party, et all);

6.  How and when to RSVP;

Remember that the invitation sets the tone for the party, and should match the theme of your party.  Sending out a standard creme invitation for a Cruise Themed party will confuse your guests.  Set the tone right with the invitation and  you will have guests arriving on time looking forward to a great event.

4) How to send and receive

What is the proper etiquette for sending and receiving an invite?

Entertaining etiquette

There are so many answers to this question, however when I send out an invitation, I do so  6-4 weeks in advance of a formal event, this allows my guests time to consider their social calendar and RSVP in plenty of time for me to plan a successful event. If I have not heard from an invited guest, I always follow up with a phone call to ensure they received my invitation and secure a final head count before I start planning my evening– the post office is lovely, but things do get lost in the mail and I would loathe to think that an invited guest did not receive thier invitation.

As a guest I always respond promptly to a host by thanking them for the invitation, and confirming my plans with them.  This takes all the guess work away from playing host and is always well received.

Like to entertain? Tell us about your party or event that you did with a proper invitation!

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