Every year the holidays come around faster than anyone can prepare for, and the same dilemma occurs: What on earth can I do differently this year?

I always have my  go-to staple items, but isn’t it nice to mix it up and do a new twist on an old favorite? Adding new items is a great way to update your existing

holiday decor but this year here are some excellent ways to update your holiday table with inexpensive items from around the house from Real Simple.

1) Candy Cane lollipops:

Easy to find, inexpensive, and adds a super sweet twist to your holiday table! Lollipops are great centerpieces and can be thrown into a planter box, styrofoam piece or a bucket,

2) Wine Glasses:

Well, you cannot get any easier than this. Wrap up your wine glasses with pretty ribbon for easy and decorative place settings. Add complimentary napkins and for a little panache I take wine corks, gently slice with a razor and use them as stands for place cards. Super sweet and super easy!

3) Everyday Party favors:

We all love getting a gift so why not add a simple party favor to your place setting to make your guests feel extra special? One of my favorite gifts is contributing to the garden. Give your guests seeds to their favorite food, or plant and wrap on their plate with twine, or ribbon.

4) Rubber bands:

Snappy, colorful and charming, bands can be added to drinking glasses, votives and  premade buffet plates. Also an excellent tool for outside dining when the wind picks up!

For decorative rubber bands click here.

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5) Fruit:

Apples in hurricanes from around the house can be piled into a vase or combined with water for an elegant and easy centerpeice

Use limes for decorative bowls on the table or as placecard holders

6) Chalkboard placemats:

A quart of chalkboard paint can be picked up at any hardware store. Take peices of cardboard cut approximately 19×15 and paint them up for custom handmade placemats.

7) Votives:

Most of us have various votive holders laying around the house. Take tissue paper from a recent purchase and cut them out for votive wrapping. Colorful, cheap and easy!

8) Candy:

For $4 a few bags of hershey kisses can instantly turn a hurricane into an instant holiday charmer. Combined with candle light a few kisses make an evening!…

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9) Foliage:

Take items from around the yard and combine them with table settings. For added punch, spray paint with left over paint in the garage for instant holiday glamour.

So many of us have things laying around the house, that with a little twist can be made into something great, and all inexpensively.

Often times, the simple items are what add charm and clever appeal. Be creative and look beyond ordinary items to make them extraordinary!

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