For most the holidays are filled with family and friends, tradition and ritual.  But for others it’s filled with anxiety, loneliness, stress and fear. It’s an annual reminder of the battles you failed to win. Even if you do have family and friends, that time of year could mean insurmountable anxiety and stress, expectation, insecurity, and lack of boundaries. And just when you’ve made it through and the dust settles you’re asked to set new goals, welcome in a new year and overcome said battles. Rinse and repeat, it’s a New year!

Here’s the rub. Few people call me up because things are going well in their world. Many are struggling with the every day ebbs and flows. You know what I’m talking about,

  • managing debt
  • maneuvering gracefully in a partnership
  • overcoming illness
  • navigating a healthy career
  • providing for your kids

These tough challenges and seemingly endless roadblocks can derail a New Year and prevent your legitimate goals from seeing the light of day. And that’s why you need a solid plan because without one your New Year could quickly turn into the one like before. Rinse and repeat. Gah!

9 positive ways to Deal With Negative Circumstances

As an advanced Feng Shui practitioner this is what I know for sure. As humans we are weak. We succumb too often to things that don’t matter. We fall prey to the things that lie just below the surface that I think are like bad food filled with additives and preservatives that just don’t serve us.

  • demands that are unreasonable
  • expectations
  • guilt
  • people-pleasing
  • pride

Don’t worry, we all do it! It’s called the human condition. It’s why we are here. But when we take the time to care for ourselves we can go deeply into the depths of who we truly are. Who’s that? This is YOU! An infinite soul who is powerful, strong and full of possibility – but you must water those seeds daily to harvest the biggest fruit. How do you do that? You cultivate your Chi.

Here are 9 Positive Ways to Deal With Negative Circumstances

  • Decorate your space with healthy plants that clean your home and office environment
  • Use high quality air filters for your HVAC system
  • Use inspirational decor that lifts your spirits
  • Use appropriate lighting
  • Create a comfortable spot to find your Zen
  • Use essential oils
  • Clear your home’s energy often
  • Drink high quality tea
  • Listen to beautiful music

It is so easy for us to get swept up in the things that don’t matter. I call this getting whipped up in a froth. Take the time necessary to care for yourself so you are operating from a full tank and not losing yourself in negative circumstances. When you cultivate your Chi you cultivate an environment around you that takes care of you. This and only this is how you can care and give back to others.

Want to learn more? Be sure to listen to my podcast audio, How to make your spirits bright with Feng Shui. I go into much greater detail about what types of plants, lights, and other tools you should use to deal with those negative circumstances like a champ!

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