Today we’re going to talk about health and how to use Feng Shui to stay healthy. My inspiration stems from a recent trip I took where I didn’t take my own advice! So if you’re not well, constantly battling a chronic illness or get sick often, how on earth do you cultivate your Chi and stay in ‘Above the Cross’ emotions? I get it! After this episode of illness in late spring I realized I needed to talk about ways that you can care for yourself and do it effectively!

Elevate Yourself

Mastering Feng Shui

Online Courses

Mentorship Program – [email protected]

Neti Pot

Elderberry Syrup

Chelated Silver Oxide.

3rd Rock Essentials – Use ‘Home Energy Design’ for coupon

Garlic cloves

Get out in the sun

Wear red! – blue or green is okay

Top Five Disruptors:  Front Door.  Knife Edges. Is your bed in command? Front yard – trees. Bathrooms.  Sound meditations.

Cultivate Your Chi!


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