Today I have on clinical psychologist, Amy Robbins. One of the reasons I started this podcast ten years ago was because I wanted to help people on their path to enlightenment – whatever that looked like for them. At the time of starting this podcast I was embarking on a very expensive divorce, closing down my retail store that took me years to build and struggling to find my own way. Simply put, I was lost. But I couldn’t find the tools I needed to get me through the human condition, better known as suffering. As I found healers, therapists, and holistic alternatives that helped me rise, I shared them on the podcast in hopes to help each and every one of you.

In today’s episode Amy and I discuss how to find your voice and your path, how to evolve and rise even if you’re stumbling forward in a seemingly messy, frenetic manner and oh by the way, Amy also happens to be a medium who talks to your dead relatives helping you stumble forward a little more gracefully.


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