Today I am sharing with you one of my secret weapons, Miss Jaimie Fox. Jaimie is a channeler, psychic and medium but it’s through her gift – I call it the gift of gab – of channeling info from the divine that helps people find true understanding and ultimate healing. By American standards, she is a stretch therapist but her talent goes far beyond her analytical training. Through channeling the divine and being a natural conduit of healing energy, she can go straight to the source of pain and heal it! In addition, her energy is electric and when I am in her presence she lights my energy and intuition up! I have used her counsel many times for my own clients and through her guidance I’ve been able to offer incredible healing. Today we’ll talk about her line of work, how she works with masters, what it’s like to tap into this divine wisdom and how she’s helped many with her healing.


FEAR – Acknowledge, see it, walk through it, feel the yuck of it but know that it is temporary because the power of love and the power of trust is far more intense than any fear can be.

Cultivate your Chi!!!

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