Having beautiful skin in the winter can be quite a challenge. Here in Nashville our days can quickly max out at 25 degrees. Add a nice little windchill and you’ll vow  not to leave the house until April. Now I know that places like Minnesota are colder, and there is a reason I don’t live there – I would die. I hate cold weather. I hate everything about it! Especially the dry itchy skin.

As I have become more healthy, opting for more natural products, finding items that actually do what I need, has become a science project. I refuse to believe that I can’t get all-natural stuff that works. And I refuse to buy chemical laden crap with ingredients I can’t pronounce. So my thirties have been consumed with experimentation. Some have been real wins, and others, well those were so bad we’re just going to pretend that like the third grade, it never happened.

7 Winter Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

On my journey to a more natural, chemical-free life I’ve come across some great products. Products that I use everyday and love. One unlikely find was Pomegranate seed oil. It not only hydrates and locks in moisture, but also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Pow! EO’s body oil and Hugo naturals body lotion are the perfect solution to dry winter skin, and Hugo’s uses essential oils that smell amazing!

One of my favorite face lotions, Acure’s day cream. It smells like bright citrus, perfect for a cold winter day. The best part? It won’t clog pores like so many all-natural other face creams do! I’ve tried so many that promise to hydrate, but fail to mention that the oils will make you break out like a 16 year old!

To top it off I always have chap stick and Dr Bonner’s is one of my favorites! I happen to be a bit of an addict, so trust me, I always have chapstick. But I will also mention that his soaps and shampoos are also, top notch!

Sundari’s body lotion with Gotu Kola was a true find! After listening to a podcast with famed body builder, Chris Poliquin, I learned about the healing properties of gotu kola – a skin tightening herb! So if you are drastically losing weight, take a gotu kola supplement for loose skin!

And finally, deodorant. This has been a love-hate relationship. There are so many harsh chemicals in normal store bought deodorant and while studies are somewhat inconclusive, many studies have stated that the aluminum, parabens and propylene’s found in most deodorants might contribute to breast cancer, Alzheimers and allergies. All scary stuff so I have tried to make the switch. So far the best one I have found is Kiss my face. It takes a couple of days to get used to the very fresh smell (I use the cucumber) but after a few weeks I was sold on it. Can I sleep better knowing that I don’t have aluminum in my armpits? Yea sure, but now Im worried about my eye shadow, so on goes the experimentation to a holistic life.

7 Winter Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

7 Winter Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

Pomegranate Seed Oil | Aura Cacia Organic Facial Oil Serum | EO – Body Oil  | ACURE Day Cream | Sundari Body Lotion | Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion | Dr. Bronner’s All Natural Lip Balm Kiss My Face Deodorant


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