Erath Pinot Gris wine

Erath Pinot Gris

Ever wonder what types of wine to serve on Turkey day? I tend to be a vodka girl, and in my opinion there isn’t a meal that a dirty martini doesn’t go with, but this holiday season I thought I’d venture out.

According to the experts ( that magically dropped in my inbox via Real Simple magazine), light wines that are fruity and lively pair well with turkey meat. Here are some recommendations by Real Simple that are inexpensive and super easy to find, no matter where you live:

Kung Fu Girl Riesling wine

Charles Smith Kung Fu girl 2009

Fresh and light with a kiss of apricot and lychee

Pine Ridge wine

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc 2009

Two award winning grapes combined, giving delicious flavors of honey dew, peach and jasmine.

Hayman & Hill Russian River Valley Reserve Chardonnay

Hayman & Hill Russian River Chardonnay 2008

Big and rich (and we ain’t talking the country band) with a light and bright finish, with tasty notes of tropical fruit, butterscotch and oak

Pertinace Barbera d’Alba red wine

Pertinance Barbera d’Alba

If you’re like me, when I dip into the sauce of sophistication, I prefer a red. Pertinace has notes of blackberry, black cherry and a zippy after taste that are perfect for Turkey.

Montevina Zinfandel

Montevina Zinfandel 2006

This paired with all the rich heavy dishes of the holiday is a superb combination. Easy to drink, bold, but light enough to drink with appetizers or on it’s own.

Gruet Brut Champenoise

Gruet Brut Champenoise

Looking to celebrate the disaster of family gatherings this holiday season? This bubbly will get the party started. Gruet is a dry Mexican sparkler with super fine bubbles, and a kiss of green apple.

Perfect for celebrating,  light and fruity enough to enjoy with Turkey.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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