Gone are the days of well polished rooms that no one uses. Todays interiors are fresh with a twist and built for families, pets and entertaining. And if you want your room to sing, then here are 11 must have design items your room can’t live without!

1) Emerald

If you haven’t got it, then go on and get it! It is the hottest color of the moment and I guarantee you it will be be popping up in your clothing and home decor faster than turquoise. It is an appealing color that soothes our moods, and goes with everything!

2) Honey Comb

Honey comb

The coolest graphic on the street. While geometrics are still the hottest thing, trellis is out honey comb is in. Be prepared to see this graphic popping up in book shelves, accessories, fabric  and wallpaper.

3) Unique lighting

Unique lighting fixtures

Boring light fixtures from big box stores are just hum drum. Many designers are viewing lighting as art and making it do double duty. Look for lights that are fun, unique and kick up conversation.

4) Greige


Brown is a has been, grey is the cool kid. Grey plays well with all colors and is more contemporary than it’s brown counterparts.

5) Fantastic art

Christina Baker

Art, art and more art. Always have at least one custom piece in your home that is special to you and lifts your spirits. This piece above by Christina Baker makes me so damn happy I could forfeit vodka and ice cream for a month just to own it…..I think.

6) Vintage

Vintage furniture

Buy vintage furniture or invest in antiques. Furniture today is not built like yesterday; it’s also not unique. Ever try to lift a 60’s dresser? It takes two guys, a sumo wrestler and peter pan. Not really but it’s fun to imagine a man in green tights lifting furniture. But I digress. My point, make your space different than your neighbors, find pieces that are cool and be good to the environment by recycling.

7) That piece that makes you go…..

Spider wallpaper

Always include oddities or conversation pieces in your home like this spider wallpaper for the powder room! Nothing like making your guests squirm while they pee! hahaha

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