I think it’s safe to say that our culture has become quite self-absorbed and the true art of thankfulness is becoming a lost practice. When someone shows thoughtfulness or kindness towards you, it requires great responsibility. In other words, when someone has been kind to you or thought of you, it should not be taken lightly. Great energy has been expended to be intentional and change the outlook of YOUR day.

7 secrets to writing the perfect thank you letter

When someone takes the time to give to you do not devalue that. Be kind, be mindful and show that person reverence for their efforts. Thank them not only in person, but take the time to send them a hand written thank you note. The craft behind thankful behavior has become a lost art, so show kindness to those who have been kind to you.

How to show thankfulness and appreciation

A thank you letter should be sincere, show appreciation and should be pleasant. State why you are thanking the person and what they have done for you. A thank you letter adds warmth, and reveals consideration for another’s efforts. The goodwill of your character can always be enhanced by a letter of thanks. Keep it short and sincere to show true gratitude.

Avoid any harsh thoughts, jabs or insults that may seem light in character as they will only destroy the purpose of giving thanks. The point of a thank you letter is to show appreciation for help, or a gift that was given, not to point out flaws. Be cordial and kind to uplift their spirits in a positive way.

7 secrets to writing the perfect thank you letter

  • Get fussy – show the person they matter. Buy incredible card stock with a beautiful design and lettering. Choose envelopes that catch the eye and feel fancy. A thank you note is all about the details.
  • State what the thank you is for – the recipient may not know what they have done for you, so let them know how something meant the world to you.
  • Be specific – If they gave you a gift, tell them how much you love that specific item or how you plan to use it. If they did something specific tell them why or how that changed something in your life for the better.
  • Be sincere and genuine – write your thank you with heart. If you make a mistake don’t hesitate to give it anyways.
  • Be pleasant – Avoid anything that may be unclear or misunderstood. Keep your language light.
  • Keep it short – a thank you note is emphasized by brevity. A long-winded letter could lose it’s sincerity.
  • Be timely – don’t wait a month to thank someone for their kindness. Give a thank you note within a week.

Whether you’re given a tangible gift, a handmade good, someones time or even a small gesture, learn to be selfless and grow through the art of thanking in an intentional way.

7 secrets to writing the perfect thank you letter

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