When we moved into our house a year ago, it was only a matter of time before things would start popping up that needed repair. For anyone who has ever been a homeowner, maintenance is a big part of home ownership. Within eight months my bathroom faucet broke. The hot water handle would simply not turn off, continually leaking. Then like clockwork, the master bathroom toilet broke, and then the guest bathroom toilet broke….and then the kitchen faucet broke. Do you see a theme here?


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Plumbing systems in our home not only represent elimination, but in Feng Shui they also represent money and emotions. Water enters and leaves our homes which is a symbol of cleaning and letting go. And the phrase, “I might as well flushed the money down the drain,” sums up the link between Feng Shui and plumbing. Our plumbing is thought to drain vital chi and resources out of our home, so it is our job as homeowners to be mindful not only in how we care for our elimination areas, but also in how to use and decorate them. And if many plumbing issues arise, it is time to take a close look at your personal life and what your home is telling you.

7 Feng Shui Signs You Are Flushing Money Down The Drain

1) Unattractive Fixtures

If your faucets or other hardware are broken, mismatched or outdated, you are not maximizing the Chi (vital energy) in your space, and likely creating stagnant energy that will hinder growth in all areas of your life.

2) Conceal Your Toilet

This may not always be possible, but create privacy between the toilet and the main area of the bathroom.

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Conceal toilets

3) Keep Drains closed

Keep toilet seats down and drains closed when not in use. Toilets have a large mouth, and when flushed, they suck an enormous amount of chi energy down the drain. Some studies show that toxic energy, (sewage) re-enters a bathroom when flushed if the toilet seat is not closed; YUCK! Keep sink drains closed, and open only when in use.

4) Create Beauty

A well designed space allows the chi to meander. When someone enters your space, including you, and it feels lovely, those emotions radiate in the room, and boosts the chi around you. This is especially important around drains.

5) Remove the Clutter

As Carol Olmsted says, “clutter is postponed energy.” If you feel bogged down when you enter a space, disgusted or overwhelmed, then you will feel the same. This is not a good combination around drains – because it will leave you feeling further drained!

6) Live Plants

There are many house plants that are easy to grow, require little sunlight and are excellent Chi boosters. Place plants around your home like toilet tanks, kitchen and bathroom counters, and near fireplaces. This slows the energy down, cleans the air, and balances the necessary five elements.

7) Take Repairs Seriously

Avoid leaky faucets, and broken toilets at all costs! If your plumbing is on the fritz you will feel drained, fatigued and could start seeing financial problems. You may not notice this consciously, but often our subconscious picks up on the energy drain around us. And rather than being surrounded by energy that honors and nurtures us, it quickly depletes us. Listen to your home. When you live in a space you become intimately intertwined with it,  so pay attention to it’s messages, or you could be consumed with problems and not know why.


When my faucet broke I felt like I needed to have a “bigger” list to have someone come out for repairs. I thought no one would come out to fix one faucet. By the time I waited to have a full laundry list of repairs, my health was greatly affected, and so was my pocket book. If you live in the Nashville area and need a terrific handy man reference, please contact me. I have a great company that does repairs big and small, and will be happy to get your repairs fixed fast.

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