Have you ever wondered why one space exudes chic style and another with similar items falls flat? Many times it’s one or two poor choices, like color clashes, finishes that are dated or items that are cheap. If you are about to redo, redecorate, remodel or renovate and build, here are seven fail proof elements to guarantee tasteful interiors.

1) Subway Tile

White subway tile

Classic, easy and easy to clean this element is truly timeless.

2) Art

Original Art

Its no secret that I love art. It adds uniqueness and warmth to a home. Always hold out, save and buy pieces of meaning for your home.

3) Tufting

Tufting is classic, stylish and chic. It instantly adds oomph to a space and acts like the little black dress. But a word of caution, invest in good tufting. A headboard made in China with ill tufting is not chic.

4) Red

The color red is both auspicious and chic. Done in small touches around a home it revitalizes and energizes it instantly.

5) Books

You can never have too many books, period.

6) White linens

Timeless and classy, good quality white linens are a must for every household. From table linens, to towels, to bed sheets, always have crisp white linens in the best quality you can afford.

7) Animal Print

Done in very small doses is classically chic. Also very important to do animal in high quality fabrics and prints otherwise it comes off like a cheap brothel.