Today we are going to talk about a sticky topic, literally! When Susan was kicking ass and taking names in Silicon Valley in the tech world she noticed that as her career skyrocketed her marriage plummeted. It was upon this notion that she realized that if she didn’t do something quick, her marriage would fall apart. Determined to change the dynamic of two workaholics, she set out on a self discovery in sexuality that shifted the paradigm – and along the way she became a sex expert. Now I’m going to warn you right now, I’m very open minded and free spirited – or at least I thought I was! Susan made me blush on more than one occasion – holy wow! Are you ready? Let’s talk sex!


Love Course

Elevate Yourself

Elevate Yourself Retreat

Sexual Soulmates:  The Six Essentials for Connected Sex

  1. Presence
  2. Setting the Lover Space
  3. Sexual Soulmate Pact
  4. Polarity
  5. Embodies Sexuality
  6. Erotic Playdates


Don’t think about having sex as intercourse.  Sex is just not intercourse.

Having pleasurable intimacy.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to use what you have today!

Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date

Hobe Avocado Oil

Missoni Towels

YouTube:  Better Lover


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