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Here in Nashville we are officially out of the “shelter-at-home” order. Unfortunately, it’s not business as usual. Stores are required to have fewer occupancy levels, restaurants are required to seat fewer guests and many places like grocery stores are requiring masks. Last week I went out to eat for a friends 50th birthday. As we walked towards the restaurant we were instructed to stand outside and a woman wearing a mask and gloves approached us with a thermometer to ensure we had an ideal temperature. Over the weekend I ran to Target for a few basics and had to wait in line for an hour just to get in the store. This is the new normal.

Now more than ever we need to embrace change with as much grace as possible. Change is literally written in the stars. For over a decade I’ve heard my astrologer friends talking about the great year of change. That year being 2020. Even though we didn’t know exactly what that meant, we knew that it meant upheaval, shock and awe. We knew that the North Node being in Cancer would push us to go home and as we embark on retrograde season we are now asked to slow down and simplify. We also know that many natural disasters will also begin to show up, and structures that we’ve become to love or hate are going to start seeing a massive over haul.

In my opinion everyone’s mantra for 2020 should be SIMPLIFY. It seems like the pandemic would be what most remember 2020 for. However, as the energy intensifies, I’m afraid to say, we are just getting started. But this is where the rubber meets the road folks. This is nothing to fear. In fact, all of this is extremely positive, but for the “I hate change group” in the back of the room, it’s going to take some convincing, I know. My mother being one of them, although I must say I’ve been gently guiding my “I hate change” mother and she’s been navigating this uncertainty quite well. And you can too!

How many times have you been gently guided to be more eco-friendly? How many times have you heard that money isn’t everything? How many times have you pushed, strived, grasped and forced something that ultimately didn’t serve you? As a society we’ve been lead to believe and value the wrong things. We idolize celebrities, yearn for material things and climb a never ending mountain of goals that when we someday reach the top, we will finally be happy. I call this the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome. Problem is, how many mountains have you climbed, conquered and achieved, only to immediately start climbing another one? And yet many people are more anxious and stressed out than they have ever been before.

What if instead we strived for peace, pushed for a better way of learning and valued the energy of money far less – because community, connection and love are the most valuable things there is. Unfortunately, this has been said again and again and no ones been listening. So, Mama Earth and the powers that be have stepped in and said alrighty kids, we’ve sent you whispers, we tried to have a conversation but it looks like we’re gonna have to take matters into our own hands to get you to listen up and take action. And here we are…… The Great Awakening.

Today starts the Venus retrograde, amongst Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. In June, Mercury joins the party and in September Mars goes retrograde. Never have we seen a line up like this. We are purposely being shaken up to force us to see the light. And that is why your home is so important right now. She needs to act as an incubator that soothes your nerves and remedies your heart. Our new paradigm moving into retrograde season is going to polarize people, bring out frustration and anger and ultimately many will experience great grief. That is why astrologer Sharita Star and I put together a new workshop to help you understand what you need to be working on over the next three months and how to utilize your home to boost those intentions with grace. In addition, I just put together a fantastic new podcast on 6 things you need to do to avoid dirty Chi in your home. If you’re not doing well in these uncertain times, you need to create the most energetically valuable home you can to boost your mood. (And this podcast episode dovetails the workshop that Sharita and I did as well.)

The most important thing to remember is that this is extremely positive change for you and our world. Our system was broken. Moving forward there will be a great shift to slow down, simplify and reconnect with those around us because as the Beatles so famously sang, All You Need Is Love.

Love, light and Shui

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