So you have decided it’s time to decorate, or maybe redecorate your home. You are excited, overzealous about all the things you’re going to do, and you are equipped with all the necessary inspiration: the magazine clippings, the home shows set on your DVR and plenty of decorating books to boot. There’s no way you can fail! Then you realize how much one room will cost. Oh dear, you think, I was planning on doing the whole house! SO what can you do? Here are my top tips to get the biggest bang for your buck with the best impact.

1)  First rule of thumb-dont try to do everything all at once!

Trying to do it all at once

One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make, they try to do it all at once!  Believe it or not, decorating your home is overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made, it takes a lot of time, and it can get expensive. Instead of trying to do several rooms all at once, keep your sanity and do one room at a time. Trust me, when you do it slowly you have more focus and actually enjoy the process. It isn’t a race so take your time!

2) Paint-least expensive with the biggest punch


Designers and the like preach this over and over again. Paint is by far the most prolific tool we pocess. Why? Nothing can transform a room like a fresh, new coat of paint. Think about it. If your room was white and you paint it a deep eggplant, that has an immediate look that changes that space. Nothing can create mood, drama, and change better than paint. And if you are trying to keep things budget friendly, or simply test the waters, paint is the best improvement to start your decorating.

3) Moldings. Base, crown, and waincoting



Never underestimate the power of moldings! It can add instant sophistication and detail to a room. Molding is inexpensive, and easy to install. Designer tip: Many homeowners want to do their own moldings to save cash. But keep in mind that your resources are limited compared to a professionals. I alone have three molding companies in my back pocket, that provide beautiful moldings that few have ever seen! Not to mention I get terrific pricing on those materials. Most homeowners run to their nearest home improvement store to find their materials. While they have moldings to choose from, their selection are limited, and costly. I would also recommend hiring a professional to install them. My contractor can install a rooms molding in one day. If you are really short on cash and you are a terrific carpenter, then install it yourself. However, my experieince has seen that when a homeowner installs it, it turns into a month long project. One day of labor to hire a professional installer is much less than a months worth of your valuable time.

4) Move your furniture around

Repurpose and move furniture

Don’t stay married to your furniture arrangements. Mix things up! For some reason I find that clients can’t envision their sofa in the next room, or a chair from the living room placed in their bedroom sitting area. Tear everything up, place it in the center of the room and then rearrange everything in other parts of the house. It sounds scary, but I promise it creates a fresh and exciting look, without costing anything other than time!

5) Move art


Like furniture, most of my clients hang their art on a wall and only envision it on that first wall it was ever hung on…until of course they move. Don’t feel like your art has to be stationary. Move it around. Like paint it is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your home, and give it an instant facelift!

6) Paint your cabinets

Painted cabinets

Don’t have the budget dollars to remodel? Update your kitchen by painting your cabinets. In the past three years I have had many clients opt for this update, instead of completely remodeling and gutting their kitchen. This is a great way to update, change and spend a third of the money a typical remodel would cost.


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