When it comes to designing, or remodeling your kitchen, bigger is not always better. In a society that prides itself on larger than life portion sizes, that may be hard to believe. But when it comes to your hub, an efficient plan trumps it’s larger counter part. So what do you need to know in order to make smart decisions and feel confident about you choices? Here are my tips for designing the best kitchen.

1) It’s all about geometry

Always work within the bermuda triangle, otherwise you’ll get lost! Wait,… what? Ok, not really, but you will get tired and worn out. The triangle was concieved to help cooks perform more efficiently. When everything is tight and easily accesible you expend less energy. Real science y’all! SO design your kitchen accordingly!

AB HOME kitchen

2) Open shelving

Did she just say what I think she said? Yes, I know, your teeth just clinched, your butt tightened and your head is already bobbing into the “NOOOOO” position. What most homeowners don’t realize is that 20% of their kitchen items are used 80% of the time. So what does that mean? That means you are utilizing the same things, over and over and over again…and most often, more than twice a week. How much easier would your life be if all you had to do is grab them off the shelf, and then place them back on the shelf after they were cleaned? Ummm, ooo, ooo I know! EASY!!

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3) Flooring

What type of cook are you? A microwave connoisseur? An every day, Rachel savant? Or an expert Ramsey gastronome? When designing your kitchen, the materials you choose under your feet should not go unnoticed. Sure, most homeowners choose their floors merely on whether or not it coordinates with the rest of thier Kitchen finishes. However, if you tend to spend hours on end in your kitchen, choose materials that are going to be forgiving on your knees!

Kitchen floors

4) Cooking the Books

In my experience, even the microwave connoisseur (who swears they can’t cook), owns The joy of cooking. And for the more adventurous wannabes, Mastering the art of French cooking. Don’t we all dream of being Julia Childs? Although I haven’t been able to pull it off, I have a copy of Beef Bourguignon in my cupboard that is going to win awards!…….As soon as I actually attempt to cook it. So whether you have four books or hundreds, always plan for storage of your books. Every houshold has them, and you don’t want it to be an after thought.

Cookbook storage

5) Kitchen Island

Even if your kitchen is small on size, always plan for an island, or penisula where possible. Kitchens tend to house a lot of people at one time, especially during gatherings or holidays. Even though this isn’t a Justin Beiber concert, the more you can distribute the tribe, the better. They are also great to set up buffets or prepare meals, desserts and or crafts on. Islands and penisulas are kitchen utility workhorses, that get you away from the perimeter of the room (where you are staring at a wall; BO-ring!) and into the actual space, where you can enjoy conversation and the activities.

Kitchen island

6) Let there be light!

Six years ago the family and I journeyed to Memphis Tennessee, to visit with the king. OK, we weren’t actually visiting WITH him per say, it was more like visiting his home, Graceland. But let me tell you, there were folks in our tour that were not only with him, but having conversations with him!…..OK,moving on. The one thing that has stood out until this day, the lack of lighting. How on earth did y’all cook and prepare meals in these archaic dungeons? Better yet, how on earth did you manage to make it to the 80’s with all ten fingers?

Graceland kitchen

When it comes to designing your new kitchen, lighting is THE most important ingredient. Things to consider: Natural light, recessed light, under counter light/under shelf light, over cabinet light and toe kick lighting. Now whether you decide to do all of them or not, at least choose three of those options. Recessed lighting gives you the overall general lighting necessary to SEE. Under cabinet and under shelf lighting prevents shadowing from the recessed cans, and provides you with important (no fingers were harmed during this remodel) task lighting. Over cabinet and toe-kick lighting are spectacular for entertaining and create a dreamy mood in your kitchen. Not to mention, they are wonderful nightlights to come home to.


What are some challenges you have faced, or are currently up against with your kitchen design?

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