Today in my inbox I received this great article from Sherwin Williams about color. The article, Material color: When color takes the driver’s seat, discusses how integral color is to the design process. “Color is always an important part of any design process, but it’s important to be judicious- sometimes subtly or boldly.” I cannot agree more.

When designing a home, I always start with color. Questions I will ask-What is the story that the client is trying to achieve? What is the feeling they want to accomplish? Does the architecture speak to me in unusual ways? But most importantly-What is the client’s lifestyle, and what inspires them. A great example of inspiration is a post, The little things by Anne from Annechovie. She shows what pieces speak to her and how they make her happy. Another post on eye candy sure to inspire is Sassy, by Deliciously Organized. I also look to beautiful photos to jump start my creative color ideas:

Nathan Turner via Everything LEB
Decor Demon
Clark County Parade of homes
Clark county Parade of homes

Right off the bat, the article states: “… color inspiration can be drawn from something as inconsequential as a pebble to something as forceful as a mountain range.” -Amy Kim

In my opinion everything in an interior is an integral part of making the recipe work, but without the right color, the space lacks character and ambiance. ~Amanda Burdge
Want help on your next project? Having difficulty with choosing the right color? Here are some excellent reads you can’t miss on everything you need to KNOW about
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