Sometimes the easiest way to entertaining is through preparation; and to me this means as little as possible! But wouldn’t it be even easier with short-cuts?

I am always looking for the shortest, simplest, and most uncomplicated way to get the best result, and today I found it it right in my inbox. I want things to look good, without all the effort.

I mean really, let’s be honest with ourselves. Do we really want to spend all day on our feet in the kitchen? Do we even have all day to spend in the kitchen?

Um, I don’t! But without little helpers things can go South very quickly and end up adding frustration and defeat to a thoughtful occasion.

Here are 6 random short-cuts from Real Simple magazine that will add budget friendly ease to your every day hectic lives.

1) Cupcake holders

Take an old gift box and cut 2″ slits in an “X” shape. Gently push in the triangles and you have an instant cupcake holder. Great as a buffet display, or for easy travel.

For intermediate crafters add ribbon along the edge in a weave pattern for a fantastic presentation.

2) Ingenius food markers

Don’t know about y’all but I always have golf tees all over my house. Mr B seems to bleed them, and has a plethora to choose from. They come free at the golf club so why not put them to better use? Use them as clever food markers. Whether you make blueberry or cranberry your guests can easily choose their flavor without question!

3) Fruit preserver

Whenever I entertain I like to have fruit as an appetizer. But things like apples always brown after an hour or so. Use lemon to preserve them and prevent those ugly brown spots.

4) Soup for later

When the days become shorter and become colder, I crave soups and stews. I even like to have them for lunch! Instead of missing out on my favorite meals for lack of time, I will take a Sunday afternoon and make some of my favorites for later. Make hearty stews, chili’s, and soups and put away in zip lock freezer bags. Lay flat in the freezer and label. They can easily be added to a crock pot or stew pan and heated for an instant homemade meal, thats hearty and warm!

5) Saturday morning breakfast made easy!

Take old condiment bottles and reuse for batter. Make a large batch of batter and fill to the top. Easy storage in the fridge and even easier to pour into the waffle maker or pancake griddle.

6) Mark your eggs

My mama taught me this trick years ago. If you like hard boiled eggs, make several ahead of time and plop back into the egg carton. To distinguish between hard boiled and uncooked, simply add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to the boiling water. Vinegar stains the eggs a slight brown color to help decipher between the two!

We could all use a few helpful tips to get us through the day with ease. And even though we can’t all be Martha Stewart, we can add a few simple things in our lives to feel somewhat comparable. And isn’t nice when you can save a little time and feel somewhat organized? I know I do and these little tricks make my hectic days seem doable, and thank-ful that I have moments of sanity!

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