Americans are a funny breed. We absorb ourselves in mass consumerism because we are told we need more to be happy. We buy into the idea that we’ll be one of “the cool kids” if we have the look, drink the Kool Aid,  join in the culture, conform, not conform, meet expectations, screw expectations, loose weight, make more money, whatever “it” is and at the end of the day we are confused, unhappy and unfulfilled. Why? For starters we are trying too hard to fit into the expectations of what we are told to do as a culture. We are inundated with ads, media and nonsense that subliminally tell us that we are not good enough. Let’s face it, if we were we wouldn’t need their products. It’s what drives this country and frankly, it’s exhausting.

Last night I was flipping through the TV channels and came across the Travel channels’, Gem Hunt. Ron LeBlanc, the head gem guy, takes his team to eastern countries for the big hunt and the big find. Last night’s show was about finding Tourmaline in Nepal. What I found so interesting was how different the cultures of Nepal and America are. The citizens in Nepal have little money, most are considered low class to poor, but spiritually they are abundant. The goal of Ron and his team is to find amazing rough gems at an amazing price, but in Nepal they put there beliefs first and their commerce second. Karma plays a strong role in all transactions and no one lies or cheats; let’s face it karma’s a bitch.

As Ron and his team run all over the place searching for this profitable stone they are getting aggravated that the stones are of poor quality and most of their owners do not want the large block stones cut. They put a higher value on the stones spiritual purpose and its strength on a spiritual level than what the gem could be used for in an American’s eye; profitable jewelry. Over and over again throughout the show they are told to go to “the guy” for the best stones……but “the best stones” are all relative. Based on the perspective of a citizen in Nepal a stones spiritual nature far surpasses its material value….a war of two cultures plays out and in the end, Ron finally changes gears and buys Turquoise rather than tourmaline. Spirit one, American zero.

Searching for the answers

The entire time as I watched this show all I saw was the anger, the frustration and the greed overwhelm Ron as he openly displays his disgust for not getting what he wants, profit. As a culture we have allowed fame, power, greed and The Kardashians as the ‘be all end all’ to all our problems, but does that really lead us to a fulfilled life? Ummm, No.

In order to live a fulfilled life you must:

1) remove the need to reach perfection,

2) quit seeking acceptance,

3) understand that money is not the answer (perhaps a quartz rock is!)

4) stand in your worthiness,

5) remove yourself from the idea that material goods are the answer,

6) know that achieving power and fifteen minutes of fame does not solve your problems or make you happy… even though Linsey Lohan makes it look so easy.

Empowerment, love, happiness and peace come from within and you cannot provide for another if you do not provide for your self. So rather than getting frustrated or looking at that rock from one perspective, open yourself to the idea that it has more value as a healer, a tool for enlightenment and peace and that is more than profit could ever provide you.

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