When it comes to design there are few rules to adhere to. I mean let’s get something straight here, it’s about creative expression and really showing off your true personality. Setting up a list of rules on how you should and shouldn’t design your home is like telling a painter how they should wave their brush strokes. We all do it differently, approach it from all directions but the end result is always magic. So when designing your home, whether you’re a complete novice or fifteen years into the business always live through creativity but keep a few things in mind.

1) Always have flowers

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I am a huge fan of flowers and talk of them often here on the blog. Arrangements do not have to be difficult and can make a huge impact on a room with little effort.

2) Every home should shine

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Just like the photo above, all homes and spaces should have some bling. Add sparkle where ever you can. Whether it be chandeliers, candle holders, decorative accessories, any item that reflects light helps lift a room.

3) Add beauty


Simple things in our lives add beauty. It is about honoring your specific lifestyle and the little things that make your house special. It could be an expensive art piece over the fireplace or your five year olds drawing from school. Beauty comes in many things, learn how to define what your is.

4) Buy quality, buy once


My mother instilled this in me growing up. She would wait a year to buy a chair or furniture piece if it meant she wouldn’t have to ever buy it again. To this day she still has all of our original furniture from our small house in California from when I was a kid. To her quality far out weighed quantity.

5) Always buy natural

All natural

I have a particular client who is a bachelor and thought it was high way robbery to spend $40 on sheets. However, his $40 sheets were 100% polyester and sand paper would have been more comfortable for sleeping. When I suggested he upgrade to $400 sheets his 30 year old heart stopped. But when I explained to him that the benefits of all natural far out weighed the price, not to mention he’d sleep better, he was sold. Now he tells everyone he knows that better quality sheets are the way to go.

6) Get rid of the clutter

Clean and easy

So many homes I go in are stuffed with unnecessary things. Over cluttered with paper, magazines and items that rarely see the light of day. A space needs to breathe and be enjoyed. Choose items carefully and chuck the rest. You’ll be amazed at how well you feel!


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