I recently had a regression session with the famous Alba Weinman. In my session I gleaned valuable information about my purpose and why I am here. Feng Shui has been a part of my life for over twenty years but it wasn’t until my session that I had an understanding of why it was so important.

Many of us go out into the world and seek help. We may hire a fitness trainer to get in shape, learn to eat better, read self-help books and take workshops to grow our knowledge. But what happens to your personal energy when you do external things to improve yourself and then return to an environment that doesn’t support that? Well my friend, it prevents you from acquiring your greatest growth, raising your vibration.


Think about it, if you get energy work done, have a massage or learn something new you’re excited and vining high. Then you come home to a space that has knife edges, you’re out of command and suddenly you feel pissed off and agitated. Well guess what, that’s a Below the Cross Emotion. So essentially your energy is on a constant roller coaster of ups and downs that prevent you from accelerating any higher.

This is why we need Feng Shui. Through this ancient tool we can evaluate and manipulate our spaces to improve them and make them energetically valuable to us rather than detrimental to us. And that’s why I created this video to help you understand why getting your space right is the key to accelerating your vibration into the 5th dimension.

Now let’s raise your vibe and creat a space that supports that! Are you ready? Hell yea! Let’s do it!

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