Ashley Leavy of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy joins us. Crystals are a wonderful addition to our homes not only because they are beautiful but also because they possess healing energetic properties. Ashley helps shed some light on how to utilize crystals in the home to create a healing, positive environment.



Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

Crystals have unique molecular blueprint.  A crystal is a mineral.  A crystal is a mineral that has a regular repeating blueprint to it.  Taking a crystal which has a perfect stable structure  and bringing it into our own energy field, our energy field will start to mimic that perfect stable energy vibration and will become more harmonious and balanced.

Rocks are a combination of minerals.

Gemstones are minerals or crystals that are prized for its clarity, rarity and durability.

Healing properties:  Stability, shape or structure, color.  But it’s more about your personal connection and intention.

Citrine to call in abundance. (If you are interested in purchasing quality Citrine, contact us at [email protected])

Selenite for bathrooms.  (If you are interested in purchasing quality Selenite, contact us at [email protected])

Cleansing your crystals:  Sound – bells and Tingsa; Smudging – sage or sweetgrass or Palo Santo; Charge – personal energy

The importance of altars

When setting up an altar take it slowly!

Trust your own intuition