There is nothing I love more than fall. It offers cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and a happy state of mind. Everyone seems to drink the kool-aid of fall magic. Wouldn’t you agree? People in general seem to be happiest in the fall. I think the idea of big meals, family gatherings and good things to come (like a New Year) bring everyone’s spirits around. One thing I love to do in the fall is update a few things in my home to “winterize it.” 
1) Custom Wreaths– Wreaths are super easy to make and most craft stores carry wreath forms. Get creative and use unexpected items. Below (from country living) this herb wreath is the perfect introduction into your home for the holidays. Fill your wreath with sage, oregano, rosemary, and bay leaves. The aroma is amazing, and it’s an entertaining delight for the upcoming festivities!
2) Maps-Maps are great little treasures with so much potential. They are inexpensive (some even free) and super easy to find. Here are some awesome things I like to do with maps! 
a) Buy a large map and cut it up. Frame the pieces and hang it up in a family room. This creates instant, inexpensive art that is interesting and fun. b) Buy cardstock and cut out a favorite shape. Outline the shape with trace paper and place it on the map for a template. These can be used for labels, gift tags, or wall art, like below.

c) gift wrap your presents with old maps. It creates a homemade feel, and makes gift giving extra special. 

d) cover ugly books with old maps. 
3) Decorative Bowls- One of my favorite things to do is put a large decorative platter on my cocktail table and fill it with old family photos. We see the most of our guests this time of year and they just LOVE sifting through them. This is a great way to reminisce, laugh and remember previous holidays gone by.



4) Fruit- Fruit can add a lovely touch to the holidays, and make wonderful gifts. Also overlooked, fruit can be hung from the tree, placed down a dining table, or delicately wrapped (like the pears below) as a centerpiece or gift.

Country Living
Adorning fruit with simple ribbon dresses it up, making it perfect for a gift and adds a little sweetness.
5) Creamers, Pitchers and Serving dishes- The fall is a time to celebrate and be festive. It is also a time we sit down for family gatherings, and visit with friends. Add to your current collection of serving dishes by finding unique pieces that make it feel luxurious, and provide the comforts of home.


Earth Works via etsy
Ummm… hello how great is THIS pitcher?
Tandem Glass on etsy
How’s about this creamer?? Can’t tell me this won’t liven up the party!
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