Linen closets have become little jewel boxes in our homes. They store all the important things in our lives that equal decadence. Here are 5 things you can do to instantly spruce up your linen closet to feel organized and snazzy.

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

1) Add shelf liner

Shelf liner is a great way to add pattern and style quickly and affordably to your space.

2) Bundle your sheets

Fold sheets into one of it’s matching pillowcases for easy storage and grab on the go. For an added bonus include a lavender sachet for a good nights sleep.

3) Keep things fresh

Have linen sprays and eco cleaners on hand for quick clean-ups and fresh aromas.

4) Contain it.

To make life easier, fill bins with your guest in mind. Have towels, wash cloths, soap, sprays and other toiletries within the bin. Easy to grab and place in their room when guests arrive.

5) Quilts and Blankets

Always keep extra blankets and quilts handy for over night guests, or to snuggle up on the sofa for a great movie. To keep them neat wrap them in scraps of old ribbon or fabric scrap to keep them frsh and organized.

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