In case you need a reminder… Mother’s Day is this weekend. I repeat Mother’s Day is this weekend. Have you given any thought into what you’re going to do to honor your mom? If not, that’s okay because we’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can give back to the mom in your life. Or the grandmother. Or the aunt. Or what have you.

1. Memory Jar
This idea will pull at mom’s heartstrings for sure! It may not cost you a lot of money but it is going to hold great sentimental value to your mom. Simply take a jar like a mason jar and fill it with different memories you have with your mom that you hold dear to your own heart.

2. Hello Fresh
If your mom loves to cook or if you just want to make sure your mom is eating healthy foods get her a subscription to a fresh foods box such as Hello Fresh. Each week all the ingredients she needs will be delivered right to her doorstep.

3. Spend Time Together
As we all grow up we live our own lives and sometimes life gets in the way. Life is busy like that. So much so that sometimes we neglect personal relationships, especially those with family because we seem to get this idea that they’ll always be there but lose track that time is never guaranteed. If you give your mom the gift of simply your time together we promise you it’s a gift she will carry in her heart forever.

4. Self-Care Basket
Most moms we know – especially moms currently raising kids – do not take time to take care of themselves. We totally get it. Self-care can feel a bit… well, selfish. But we promise you taking care of yourself so you can take better care of everyone else is NOT selfish. Not in the least. Get mom a basket and fill it with bath bombs, bubble bath, a bottle of champagne or her favorite wine, and a salt lamp. She will thank you immensely.

5. Luggage
Every now and then we all need a little time to get away from our daily lives. Mothers included. If you can’t afford to get your mom a nice vacation get her a nice set of luggage. That will give her a little taste of that wanderlust if even just for a weekend getaway. Or maybe you live across country and this will give her the incentive to come visit.