Have you heard? The new trend in the housing market is no longer buying Mcmansions. Pocket sized homes are the hottest, big-thing to hit the housing market. As our economy struggles to get back on it’s feet, one lousy foot at a time, homeowners no longer have big house envy. Nope. People are scrambling to buy pocket sized homes, smaller than 800 square feet. Some even as small as 400 square feet. Gone are the days of being house poor. Homeowners want to live within their means, and live the bigger dream: being debt free! So how on earth do you decorate and luxuriate 400 square feet of space? Here are my top tips to show you how!

1) Mirrors


Your biggest weapon to make the space appear larger than it is! Also adds character and charm.

2) Use tone-on-tone colors

Soft tone on tone room

Through out the space, use tone-on-tone paints and fabrics in light colors. Keep base, walls, crown and ceiling paint in the same color, and vary the finishes. Matte for walls, satin for trim. The softer the palette the easier the room is to read, and the easier it is on the eyes. When working with a small space, it is important!

3) Laquer your floors.

Shiny floor

Lacquered floors

Whether they are wood, concrete or acrylic, paint or coat your floors in a high gloss sheen. It is reflective, and makes the space feel expansive.

4) Add skylights


You just can’t go wrong with natural light….

5) Go big with less

go big in small spaces

Homeowners always assume that in a small space, their decorations should be small. Not true! Opt for larger pieces and less of them. Larger pieces, decorated in a simple, easy to read fashion, makes your space appear larger, and less cluttered. Always choose larger scaled items. You know my motto: GO BIG, OR GO HOME!

What are some of your favorite tricks?

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Harley decorations

I find that decorating with Harley’s is the perfect solution for decorating in small spaces, like live sculpture. So avant garde, and stuff. Puur-oew!

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