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Ever wonder what simple things you can do to update one of the spaces in your home? As a big “D” wading through the mud of a fabulous and inspiring new economy, I am approached with this question pretty much everyday. How can I get an incredible new look, on a shoestring budget?
After meeting with a client that I adore, we decided to do just this. She has a wonderful loft space here in downtown Nashville, and she was tired of her existing traditional space. To spice things up I decided on a very eclectic, and collected look based on the
 inspiration board she created. (shown above)
She has wonderful built-in bookshelves, like the ones shown below, but many of her pieces were dated and did not suit her lifestyle or personality. Her board was fun, imaginative, and spicy. And if you knew her, you would see that this board suited her perfectly. Karen is a free thinking, singer song writing rock and roll junkie, with twigs in her jet black hair, and in my book a modern day Jean Harlow hippie. Freaking awesome!
Her jumping off point was this Valentino photo above. This photo encompasses everything she loves. In her words to describe it: High Fashion, Titillating couture, Old world, Valentino red, Style, Sophistication, Chic chic, Glamour, and relaxed luxury.
One of the most exciting things about her space is the wall to ceiling bookshelves. It adds an unexpected focal point, that is dramatic and eye catching. Libraries are essentially a collection of books that add sophistication, refinement, and exude culture and experience, just like Valentino. So we combined her library and dining area into one large space so the table could double for a book research surface, and a fabulous dining experience. 
So what are 5 super simple things you can do to update your dining room?
1) Replace your captains chairs with something fresh. Either reupholster the ones you have 
or purchase new ones.
2) Add a new chandelier. The one above adds an incredible pop of color, and va-va voom for less
than $400 bucks.
3) Add candle light to your table top. Hurricanes are gorgeous accessories in the day time and create a 
wonderful glow in the evening when the candles are lit. And remember the AB HOME credo: 
Go Big or Go Home. Buy hurricanes that make a statement, and add tremendous weight to your table!
4) Purchase a new rug or layer a new rug on top of your existing one. Both will add a new element
 of depth and texture, and bring in some much needed color and style.
5) Fresh flowers. I cannot say enough about fresh flowers. Your home is your haven, make it inviting. 
There is no better way to welcome your guests, then to add fresh roses, lillies, peonies or 
any one of your favorite flowers on the table. 

Like what you see above? Here is our shopping list of items we used:

Items in this set

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