Every home has a point of entry to welcome its’ guests. Some entries are small and require creative ways to make a big impact, while others are large and demand key pieces to cement style and grace. No matter which you possess both require five key ingredients to command order and good reception.

5 pieces every entry needs | GatesInteriorDesign.com

5 Pieces Every Entry Needs

  • Color- every home should have a decorative flow and your entry sets the stage for what’s to come. Wow your guests with an enticing backdrop that shows off your personality. Are you calm and elegant or bold and eclectic? What ever your style is it all starts with color. If you’re new to choosing color or terrified of choosing paint colors, House beautiful new book is a great place to start. House Beautiful Colors for Your Home
  • Art- I’m a huge advocate for art. It is what I consider to be the “wild card,” of any space. It can be abstract, traditional or somewhere in between. Choose pieces that you love and create conversation. If ever you invest in art this is one place that calls for quality.
  • Entry Console-If you have an entry that is plentiful in space, always include a console or side table. It is a great place to dress up your entry with soft lighting and accessories. It is also a great place to set keys or mail down, should you need it along with other favorable decorative items.
  • Lighting- Good lighting can warm up an entry space in an instant. It can also add character. Choose lamps with bold  bases and fun shades. They can be placed on your console to frame your art, creating a beautiful vignette to welcome guests. Chose pendant lighting or flush mounts that compliment your interior and help in adding another layer of light.
  • Rug-Last but definitely not least, always have a great rug. Choose one that has bold stripes, or a dramatic pattern. Rugs get a lot of abuse at an entrance but that doesn’t mean it can’t be durable and stylish. If it has a busy pattern it will look great but hide dirt!

Entryways are one of the fastest, easiest spaces in your home to decorate. If you are overwhelmed by your decorating project to-do list, start here. Entries are a great place to get inspired and get a sense of accomplishment, quickly.

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