Ever wonder what simple things you can add to your dining room to zhush it up? I am approached with this question all the time: “How can I get an incredible new look, without breaking the bank?” Well that is a loaded question. No two people have the same goals, or the same budget. I think the biggest mistake many people make when redecorating are 1) They want it all done, Now. and 2) They want to squeeze their existing budget to the bone to get the maximum results, Now.

Unfortunately, good design does not work that way. You cannot make purchases in haste, and if you do the results will show it. The downfall to many rooms is the instant gratification that is spurred by an upcoming event. You know the one…the upcoming wedding, the big holiday or the in-laws are coming, etc. Good design is planned out with careful thought. Sure I always encourage spontaneity, but when you are driving from California to New York, you best have some sort of plan – or you’ll end up in Mexico; have a margarita for me!

When redecorating any room here are a few questions to consider:

  • How will this room be used most of the time?
  • How often will I use it?
  • Can it be used for another purpose?
  • Can I use some or all of the existing pieces?
  • Do the existing pieces have meaning and importance to me?
  • Ideally, what do I want the most from this room?
  • How do I want this room to feel?
  • What is stopping me from where I am and where I want this room to go?

5 pieces every dining room needs | GatesInteriorDesign.com

Few clients, if ever,  really stop and think about the true meaning of the room, what they want most, and how they want it to feel. A dining room is a place of gathering, laughter, enjoyment and food. So make it comfortable, and enjoyable.

The 5 pieces every dining room needs for a decorating refresh, and to make it feel as good as it looks:

  • Replace your captains chairs with something fresh. Either reupholster the ones you have 
    or purchase new ones.
  • Add a new chandelier. Lighting will change the space instantly.
  •  Add candle light to your table. Hurricanes are gorgeous in the day time and create a 
     wonderful glow in the evening when the candles are lit. 
  •  Purchase a new rug or layer a new rug on top of your existing one. Both will add 
     depth and texture, and bring in some much needed color and style.
  •  Fresh flowers. I cannot say enough about fresh flowers. Your home is your haven, make it inviting. 
    There is no better way to welcome your guests, then to add fresh roses, lillies, peonies or 
    any one of your favorite flowers on the table. 

It seems so simple, right? But few people take the time to really think about what they really want. Taking some time to think about the questions above, will help you develop a plan. This will help you make smart buying decisions and get rid of the anxiety of doing it all right away. And you might find that you really only need a few things to really make it what you truly want!