Living rooms have a tendency to become cluttered with non-essential furniture—TV trays, pianos, Stairmasters—the list goes on. And despite the clutter, they often lack what’s necessary. Whether you live in a cozy apartment in the big city or a suburban six bedroom Colonial, here are five essential furniture pieces that will complete any living room:

5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for Your Living Room

  1. Sofa. Don’t buy any sofa—buy the right sofa for your place! If you have ample room, a plush, leather sectional brings comfort and style to your living room. Tight on space? Try a loveseat with a pull-out bed for guests. As for color, neutral leather sofa or solid microfiber couch are timeless options that can be jazzed up with throw pillows.
  1. Entertainment set. Your TV is often the focal point of the living room. Showcase it with an entertainment set! Consider the aesthetics of your living room when purchasing this unit, but quality is a non-negotiable. Also be sure to get a TV stand or console that can adequately house your DVD player and those clunky cable boxes.
  1. Shelving unit. A shelving unit can be both decorative and functional. Shelves allow you to display knick-knacks or photographs, but also serve as a catchall for blankets, the full 10 seasons of Friends and your pre-Kindle book collection.
  1. Coffee tables. Coffee tables are a must. Stick a couple end tables next to your couch or a large accent table in the middle of the room. Coffee tables come in all shapes and styles. Try nesting tables for added versatility. But whatever table you go with, don’t forget coaster; nasty drink rings can ruin your furniture fast.
  1. Lamps. And He said, “Let there be light!” With that inspiring proclamation, lamps can transform a room through lighting. Plus, a funky lamp adds another layer of visual interest. And forget your grandmother’s old Mod Podge seashell lamp; lighting fixtures come in all varieties to suit your needs and tastes, from floor lamps to side lamps to elaborate chandeliers.

Living room furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Just make sure they are well-made and you’re not going to get sick of looking at them in a week. Investing in the right pieces—starting with these five basics—can keep your home well furnished for decades!


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