Lemons are more than a delectable citrus garnish or cooking staple. This little yellow god has hundreds of very practical uses around the house from deodorizing your house to cleaning stainless steel to delectable yummy salads. Not only are they practical but they have no harsh chemicals and will cut back on your overall cleaning expenses!
cleaning with lemons
1. Deodorize your home
From your refrigerator, sock drawer or the litter box, this citrus king eliminates harsh odors throughout the house. My best tips?

– Soak a sponge in lemon and place in your fridge
– Use lemon peels for around the litter box or sock drawer
– Simmer lemon and peels on the stovetop for an overall fresh scent

2. Eliminate tarnish and grime
Brass, copper and stainless steel can easily get grimey and unsightly. Remove tarnish and build up with a wedge of lemon. The citric acid will leave your bling shining bright. If your pieces need additional scrubbing add a little baking soda for a little extra grit

3. Stain removal
Ever host a party only to have someone spill a glass of wine on your carpet? No time to fret. Blot up the excess and saturate with lemon juice. Top off with some good ol’ table salt, once the stain has wicked it’s way into the salt simple vacuum up.

4. Dish detergent
Lemons are extremely effective on grease. Squeeze juice onto hard baked-on foods and tough messes. Let soak and sprinkle on a little baking soda. Voila with a little elbow grease your dishes are as good as new.

5. Insect pesticide
Ants, fleas and cockroaches do not like the strong scent of lemons. Place the peels and juices onto window sills and around the kitchen to deter these pesky intruders.

An additional use for lemons that I love is the preservation of food! Have a left over tomato, avocado etc.? Place in a container with a lemon wedge. Your left overs will last twice as long and won’t brown!

What are some of your favorite uses for lemons?