I’m a huge believer that our home should be our sanctuary. With all the stresses we deal with on a daily basis, it should be a place where we can go to feel balance and harmony.

But is yours?

If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed, anxious and so stressed out you can’t make a decision to save your life, your home’s energy may be contributing to your stress.

This video discusses:
What feng shui is
Why our homes can contribute to our stress
How a home gets stressed out
And 5 easy to implement tips to de-stress your home today (so you start feeling calm and awesome!)

The first video is just audio, the second is audio with video. Enjoy! * Please note this is a previously recorded webinar. There is no chat bar for this recording so if you have any questions please email us at info@thegatescompany.com, or fill out our contact form. We will respond within 24-48 hours. thanks!


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