There are so many benefits to yoga. It’s a great form of working out, it clears the mind, and recharges the body. That yoga mat, though? Yeah. Let’s talk about that. If you want to get down to it, your yoga mat is essentially a sponge. Let that sink in for a minute…. you sweat (because you will, it is working out after all) and your yoga mat absorbs all of that. Now that you’re all grossed out and feeling nasty… it’s okay! I suggest buying a new yoga mat to start new by using this great DIY yoga mat cleaner because it’s probably high time you say farewell to your current mat. But wait!! Don’t throw it in the garbage so fast!! There are several different yoga mat uses for that old mat!

Yoga Mat


1. Prevent Falls
Many people use rugs around the house to add a nice touch to a room or simply just to protect floors. But let’s face it… rugs can be pretty slick. Ever stepped on one and it started sliding out from underneath your feet causing you to pull out ninja moves you didn’t even know you were capable of? Yeah, that’s going to hurt the next day. To prevent this scenario in the future by cutting up a yoga mat and placing under those rugs. They make those yoga mats no slip for a reason!

2. Messy eaters no more!
Have a dog or cat that means business at meal time? Use a yoga mat to keep food and water bowls from slipping while your furbaby is chowing down. Not only does this offer a non-slip solution, but it also prevents food and water from getting all over you floor.

3. Furniture Protectors
While we’re on the subject of floors, yoga mats are great for making your own furniture protectors. Cut small circles from your mat to fit under the legs of furniture and seal them there with glue. Voila!

4. Open Jars like a Champ
Use the diy cleaner I mentioned above and then you can cut a 5 inch by 5 inch square out of your mat to use to get a good grip when opening those pesky jars.

5. Fix Drafts
Do you have a few doors or windows that are drafty? You can seal those up by cutting a yoga mat into strips to attach to the bottom of doors and windows.


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