Paint is an elusive thing. Everyone who is not a professional fears it but color heals and can change your life. Unfortunately the fear may hold you back from reaping the full benefits. As my client Debra say: “What if I choose the wrong colors? What if they don’t work together? How on earth do you create a consistent flow? My God I don’t want to be responsible for that if it’s all wrong! I might end up with a mental disorder rather than fixing one”

OK, well that’s a bit dramatic, but I see her point. If you don’t do paint, and work as a CPA all day or a surgeon, I can see where choosing color could get overwhelming.

4 paint colors every home needs but often get overlooked |

With that said, being a designer can be a lonely road because we have to hold tight to our vision, otherwise it gets lost in the fear. Especially considering that our creative minds are always fluttering, and to us, it makes perfect sense to wall paper the ceiling or put headlights in the floor. So when our clients look at us like we have lost our marbles (lost mine years ago) when we tell them that we are going to upholster the walls with hot pink tiles, we screech with exhilaration about how great it will be, even though you think we’re crazy! One of my favorite quotes from the ever dapper and charming Don Draper:

” A new idea is something they don’t know yet, so of course it’s not going to show up as an option!”

~ Don Draper

It is our job to show up with those options and help you step outside your comfort zone to achieve the wow. I’m always trying to throw in a little of the unexpected in my interiors and color is always the best way to achieve serious eye candy in a room.

Wake up your rooms with these four colors, that behave a lot like neutrals, and you’ll start to see that not only do they have an added punch for your room, but they’ll feed your soul too!

4 healing paint colors that everyone needs to try because they will change your life:

1) Pink

The least respected color in the paint deck, and often deemed a feminine color, but nothing adds sophistication like a lovely pink. One of my favorite interior colors, and it goes without saying, if you’re a client of mine, you have pink in your home, guaranteed!

pink entry |

Healing properties of pink

  • heals grief and sadness
  • restores youthfulness
  • brings emotional healing
  • encourages enchantment
  • brings out kindness
  • helps people relax and stay calm

2) Acid green

One of my all time favs. A scandalous green will activate and energize a home. It adds pop to any room and stimulates your senses. Goes well with fresh bright colors and can be mixed with blues, other greens, orange and yellow.

healing colors |


Healing properties of Acid Green:

  • promotes vitality
  • brings out harmony
  • helps regulate hormones
  • helps counteract greed
  • grounding

3) Turquoise

This little gem of a color goes a long way and has been on the top 100 favorite list for color for over five decades. Talk about a classic that won’t go out of style. Turquoise goes with everything and adds glamour and allure to any room. Mixed with a lovely metallic or fresh white and your room feels instantly exotic.

turquoise |

Healing properties of turquoise

  • increases intuition
  • promotes stress relief
  • great for those healing from disease
  • creates renewal
  • helps with inventions and innovation
  • great for studying and research

4) Purple

The color of Royalty. Like pink, purple often gets shoved to the back of the eyeballs and hardly given a chance. Regal, soft and esoteric, this color adds poise and elegance to any room. And if your looking for something different to create wow factor, this is your front runner because most fear it.

Purple |

Healing properties of purple

  • helps with mental imbalances
  • promotes transformation
  • purifies the bloodstream
  • helps the pineal gland
  • helps ailments with the eyes and ears
  • helps improve perception and spiritual connection

These four colors act as neutrals, meaning they can easily be added in one form or fashion, to any type of interior. Try it out, take a risk and see what happens! Color is my number one tool to help heal a home and family. So if you’re looking to restore, relax, and heal, start here.


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