As our lives grow increasingly difficult from lack of time and overworked schedules, nothing creates more chaos than trying to manage a new home project in the midst of it all. Whether you are working on a vast home remodel or redecorating the living room, home projects take time, money and great tools!

1) Sherwin Williams Color Snap

Sherwin Williams Paint

OK, this app is brilliant and just might save lives. The Color snap app allows you to capture real items in your everyday world and match them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors; for free! The app also lets you choose coordinating colors or you can Ask Sherwin-Williams for recommendations. WIth a tool like this you can easily create a color palette from all your favorite things and keep them at your fingertips.

2) iHandy Carpenter


iHandy is the easiest and most convienent tool kit in the world. Why? Because these days who doesn’t have their phone? This app gives you 5 tools in one app and it is easy to use. Not to mention handy! It comes with a plumb bob, a surface level, a protractor, ruler and once calibrated the plumb bob, surface level and level bar become an inclinometer. Ok I have no idea what that means or is, but the level and plumb bob have proved to be life savers for me!

3) Pinterest


If you’re not on Pinterest you are living under a rock. It is the quintessential tool to use if you are doing any kind of remodeling or redecorating to your home. It is the best tool to find inspiration and organize and share your findings. Essentially an online scrapbooking of sorts that allows you to keep all your ideas at your finger tips. I honestly do not know how I ran my business before this tool!

4) Houzz Design Ideas

Houzz Design Ideas

Houzz is an upscale website offering more than one million high resolution photos of anything and everything interior design. Cnn called it the Wikipedia for interior design. It offers a place to create idea books, surf through categories by room and collect inspiration on everything imaginable. It also offers up terrific articles to help educate you on what to expect on your next custom build to how to hang a chandelier.

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