I can honestly say I’m at the point I’d be lost without my iPhone. At times technology can be very frustrating, but most of the time I’m amazed at all it can do. Today, I’m sharing four apps that help make life easier. Whether it’s grocery shopping, weekly to do lists, cooking , or household tips these apps have you covered. All of these apps are also free!

4 Iphone Apps To Make Your Life Easier:

 1. Wunderlist 

What is it? It’s the ultimate list making app. It’s a way to eliminate all those post-it notes that cover your desk. It allows you to organize lists by different categories (home, work…etc.).


I love this app because it also has a feature that allows you to share your list with others.


I can create a grocery list and share it with my husband and he can add on to it. When we go grocery shopping together we can split up and check off our list. As he checks off “milk” it automatically syncs to my list and I can see that he’s picked up the milk. How awesome is that?

 2. BrightNest 

What is it? It’s an app geared towards making your home better. It’s filled with home tips, cleaning tips, and helpful articles.



I love this app because it breaks things into different categories and it’s so easy to use. When you sign up for the app it will start by asking you a series of questions about things you have in your home and things that interest you. This app is tailor made to fit your needs, and I love that!


 3. SideChef

What is it? It’s a guided cooking app that will blow your mind! Think GPS for cooking. This app is currently only available to iPad users, but an iPhone app will be available very soon.


4. AnyList 

This app is similar to Wunderlist, but it’s geared specifically to grocery lists. One thing I love about this app is once you make a list you can easily pull that same list back up to use for your next grocery trip.


AnyList also creates categories for your grocery list, and that definitely comes in handy when walking through the grocery store.

What apps do you use that make your life easier?

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