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4 Go-To Feng Shui Tips To Improve Your Homes Entryway

The entrance to your home is the first thing visitors see, and it creates the all important “first impression” of you and your home. In feng shui, the front door brings life force to our homes and is considered the “mouth of chi.” A well appointed entrance is believed to promote health, wealth and happiness for its’ inhabitants and should be as inviting and appealing as possible. 

Everything from your front door, the pathway, the steps and the entry vestibule are all considered as part of your entranceway – leave one area out, and your efforts are a bust! It all needs to be taken into consideration, and it all needs to be inviting, welcoming and clutter free. 

Have you ever observed an exterior to a mansion? Consider the White House, it’s magnificent, tailored, trimmed, and inviting. There is a sense of awe when you see how organized it is. It connote’s prosperity, hospitality, and strength.

Lanterns on either side of the front door are a terrific way to draw energy towards your home. So will painting your front door an auspicious color. Reds, purples, even yellows can be considered invitations for chi, but never white.

Your entry should be inviting, uncluttered and well-lit. If walls are over bearing, or seem to protrude out, apply a feng shui tool to soften the lines and make it welcoming. Even though it may seem unorthodox to look at your home in this way, our subconscious picks up things that make us uncomfortable. You may not be able to explain the “why,” but we have all been in homes that have felt “off.”

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Much of feng shui is common sense. How do you feel when you pass the space? Is it organized, clean and inviting? If your space makes you feel overwhelmed, or stressed it’s time to get to work!