Last week I was on the hunt for vintage print art for an upcoming project. It’s a 1960’s ranch home built by the client’s grandparents. Not only is the house uber cool, like Don Draper could walk in at any moment, but it houses many of the original pieces that grandma and grandpa purchased for the the house. While out and about last week looking for items as cool as this house, I ran across this old television. It’s actually from the early fifties and I wondered what the heck you could do with it in todays modern home. Well ask and you shall receive!

As I opened up my inbox today I browsed through the latest eHow tech newsletter and there it was, 4 Clever Ideas For Old TVs. While they have three other terrific ideas on how to repurpose them, the converted bar is by far my favorite! What do you think? Would you like that martini shaken or stirred?

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