Lovely clusters

This week, despite prepping for our massive warehouse SALE, I am spending time with one of my dearest friends, Tressa. Her and I go way back and I am so happy that she has flown out from California to visit with me. Little does she know, I run a tight ship, so Im putting her butt to work. Hopefully I can shadow it with Southern charm so she doesn’t know what I am up too….oh wait she’s smarter than that! Ok so a little tiny bit of work and a lot more play.


So her and I will have lunch together, and reminisce about are younger selves, and laugh at how silly we were, never thinking for a moment that we weren’t

This is glamourous

We will go for  long walks, and actually take time to smell the roses.

Here comes the Sun

And we will make silly checklists about all the things we may or may not do, knowing full well we really don’t have too!

I hope all of you have a fantastic day!


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From todays Daily Dish, brought to you by Harley:

“I’m aloof, I like to run around outside and I like to be inside and out simultaneously…is there a problem with that?

The aloof Mr. Harley

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