Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. It is a space that is typically used individually, so why not adorn them with decadent luxuries that uplift your mood. Here a few things that I like to always have in a bathroom for added decadence.

Rustic bathroom

Vintage faucet


White bathroom

2) Add white. Bathrooms in white are timeless, and feel soothing. Compliment your faucet with a chandelier or a pair of sconces to add glamour.

White bathroom

Bath accessories

3) Dont forget the details! A fluffy mat, fresh cut flowers, a ruffled shower curtain and a pop of color from a side table make the first photo above feel inviting. Always have on had sumptuous thick towels, bath salts, and personal care items that are easy to find. As an added bonus I always like to add a jar of chocolates or mints and have a tray of bottled water. This is very decadent for your guests as well!

What do you think of white bathrooms?

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Harley the harlequin

I find that I prefer black in my spaces with lots of papers, Very homey and decadent. I always find that a good nap never hurt no one!

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